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Black love is not a ploy to discredit any other type of love. Black love is a triumph over oppression, over the dismantlement of family, over pain and violence and falsehood. Black love is a return of what was taken from us, because our being together was an obstacle in the eradicating of a people.

It is the re-enforcement that a Black man and a Black woman CAN love each other, despite depictions of Black men as dangerous brutes and Black women as difficult and loose. Black love is realizing that there is POWER in being united with people who understand you; especially now, when to be understood means to be validated in feelings of fear, anguish, and pain as your people are wrongfully hurt.

Black love is evidence of God’s divine provision in our lives, and, “therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” (Mark 10:9) This design was created to remind us that love is powerful, and that Black love is in itself, an act of righteous defiance.

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